Meditative and Healing Arts
at The Bohemian Art Loft, Redding, CA
and at The Mt. Lassen Meditation and Retreat Center, Viola, CA
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The Center for Meditative and Healing Arts
is located at 3304A Bechelli Lane, Redding, California
(530) 638-5283

Our Offerings

We provide indivudual, couple, and group instruction and guidance, as well as workshops.
For further information or to schedule your session(s) contact Nadia by 

phone or text (530) 638-5283

T’ai Chi for Health  – Taoist Modified Yang Style Long Form.  T’ai Chi translates to the Grand (T’ai) Life Force (Chi). Drawing on Chinese (internal) martial arts practice to improve balance and posture thus reducing risk of falling and to promote flexibility, agility, focus, overall well-being, and longevity.  Involves a slow, fluid, mindful set of movements, utilizing breath to generate and move energy and also to facilitate unwinding and relaxation. 

Chair T’ai Chi for Health  – for those with limited abilities.

T’ai Chi Kung Fu Fan– for recreation.  Chinese martial arts following the principles of T’ai Chi, consisting of a set of movements, often practiced in conjunction with T’ai Chi, to improve balance, coordination, focus, mindfulness, flexibility and gracefulness. 

T’ai Chi Sword - Traditional Yang Style – for recreation.   Chinese martial arts following the principles of T’ai Chi, emphasizing a peaceful, non-combative approach to self-defense, respect of self and others, developing self-confidence, concentration, agility and balanced movement, and inner and outer awareness.  Excellent practice for children as well as adults.

Ananda Yoga / Mindful Flow - Ananda style yoga is a form of Hatha yoga.  It is a relaxation based practice – even in the midst of effort – during which each posture is coupled with its own affirmation to reinforce the posture’s natural effect on one’s own consciousness.  Each active pose is followed by time in a resting pose to integrate the effects of the previous pose.  The practice also includes mindful movement where one posture will flow to another, creating a fluid motion and connection. 

Qi Gong (T’ai Qi Gong) for Positive Energy Cultivation, Health Maintenance, and Self-Healing – Based on Taoist Wu Dang Qi Gong and the Earth’s Five Elements Theory.  Qi Gong translates into energy or vital life force (Qi) internal cultivation (Gong).  Traditional Chinese discipline to improve and maintain health, to promote physical , emotional, and spiritual healing, and to transform negative energy (emotions, thoughts) into positive energy.  It employs guided breath control, meditation, healing sounds and vibrations exercises, and fluid, slow, gentle movement.

Tao Energy Healing – (With Tibetan singing bowls)  –  Involves natural cleansing, tuning, and harmonizing the energetic centers of our bodies (the Chakras), which has a definite healing effect on the entire being.  The positive effects come about through the power of the properties of the breath, the vibrations of the focused intention(s), and the undetained awareness of the fluidity and the harmony of the major energetic forces within each one of us as well as outside of us. 

Tao Meditation (the Method of Zen)– Guided Taoist Meditation/Chakras Meditation/Transcendental Meditation.  Emphasis is on the ability to focus, mindfulness, contemplative self-inquiry and clarity, transcendence, and the expansion of inner and outer awareness and sense of overall connectedness.  Utilizes breathing techniques to promote free energy flow, healing mantras and sound resonance (Tibetan singing bowls), imagery, and visualization, all resulting in deep relaxation, tranquility, inner peace and harmony.  Also provides tools for pain relief and insomnia, and promotes release of muscle tension, anxiety, and stress, including PTSD.

Contemplative Guidance   (The way of the Tao/Natural Law) –  leads us to spiritual and emotional understanding, clarity, openness, compassion, and ultimately to world peace.  It uncovers any preconceived beliefs about ourselves and others and strengthens our intuitive awareness and inner wisdom.  “The only journey is the journey within.”  - Rainer Maria Rilke

Qi Gong Healing Touch (Deep Relaxation) - Based on ancient Taoist practice.  Induces a quiet body response through harmonizing the rhythm of breath with light touch to release physical and emotional tension.  Improves blood circulation and energy flow, resulting in  “revitalizing relaxation”.

Reiki - Palm or hands-on-healing.  Japanese energy based technique for stress and tension reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  Its origins go back to ancient Tibetan Buddhism.  Rei means ultimate/higher and ki means energy/life force. 

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The Meditative and Healing Arts Center is located in northern California at
The Bohemian Art Loft
3304A Bechelli Lane
Redding, CA 96002
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